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I signed up for the Kinetic Half a little over a month ago, thinking it would be a decent test of my early season fitness and a good way to end the first half of my season before going on a break for a week of golf. The last month of training had been somewhat up and down: a 10 mile run where I battled very tired legs and some side stitches (hadn’t had those in years) followed by a 26W increase in FTP. But the overriding, overarching feeling from at least the past month was that there was very little pop in my legs. I should have said something, should have taken some time off (more than a day or two) to recover. But being who I am, knowing how easily I can give up when something gets hard, I didn’t. I went into the race thinking right around 5h would be probably best case, but more likely was a 5:15-5:20 time.
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