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I don’t know how it happened, but I pulled, strained or otherwise injured my left upper back last Friday to the point of being in pain moving from a lying down position to a sitting up position. It was quite unpleasant. With all that said, however, I was able to get in an abbreviated bike workout on Saturday (abbreviated due to work, not pain). I think that was to be expected as the bike doesn’t require a whole lot of upper body movement. I decided to sit out Sunday’s hard run and yesterday was a scheduled off day to get my shit together before Chicago this weekend.

As for why the back injury happened, I have two hypotheses. One is that my roommate order some weights, and as I get home before he does, I picked them up at the front desk to bring them up to the apartment. That may have been the stressor. The other potential incident occurred after I lowered my aerobars on Wednesday. Did some FTP intervals and when I put significant weight on the elbow pads, they had a tendency to rotate outwards. But that was the right elbowpad, so I’m guessing it was me being stupid with the weights.

This, I would say, is the first serious injury I’ve encountered since starting training back in February/March 2007. The achilles tendonitis is a close second, but just nowhere near as debilitating in every aspect of my life, nor as obvious from a day to day standpoint. Yes, I consider myself quite lucky in this regard, and it only wants me to do moreany injury prevention.

As for Chicago, I’m pretty psyched. I feel like I got in a bunch of great training (especially on the bike). The course is supposed to be a whole lot flatter than NYC, so at least I’ve got that going for me.

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