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This years upgrade to Dorothy: compact cranks. Spread the shopping out over a few stores, and the final pieces (bottom bracket, chain, spanner) arrived today. I was down to just my business socks and all black (so I could put my hands anywhere and not get visibly dirty.
First had to remove the original chain, FSA cranks and MegaExo ball bearing. That took a bit longer than expected, as the instructions, while clear, are somewhat confusing (you have to leave the locking piece in and just force the crank out by unhexing/unscrewing the locking bolt. The whole time I was doing this though, I thought I was just destroying the crank (it’s hard to see whether the crank is actuall coming off, or whether you are just destroying the locking bolt). After that, getting the cranks off was pretty quick.

Finally figured out how to get the crank off.

Finally figured out how to get the crank off.

Getting the new cranks (170 mm R700) on was pretty simple, albeit greasy (like all things bike related). Hardest part of the installation was putting the new chain on. Ended up putting it through the rear derailleur backwards the first go at measuring the links, but once I figured that out, it was pretty much a snap. I’d say the total experiment was probably a 7 out of 10 for difficulty, and could have been a lot easier if I had paid a bit more attention.
Like most things, I’m sure the next time will be much quicker (down from 2 hours to maybe 25-30 minutes) all told. Got in 50 mins on the trainer afterward. Big test will come this weekend when I get it out on the roads.

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