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10K Test of Stomachs

Ran a 10K (well, really 6.25 miles) this morning. All part of testing for the month of April. The short story is I ran a 41:48, increasing my Vdot another 0.5. But the short story leaves out all the interesting bits. So if you want the more interesting version, and you haven’t eaten in the last hour and aren’t eating anytime soon, let’s continue, shall we?

I suppose I should start by saying I ran this on a pair of new shoes. I know, that’s such a bad idea (HTML really needs a sarcasm tag). But c’mon, a 10K really isn’t so far, and I really needed new shoes:

Just a little worn

Just a little worn

I suppose it should be a credit to Saucony that despite the obvious wear in the shoes, I haven’t been injured.
I’ve been more consistent about checking the weather the night before most significant training as the DC weather can be a bit fickle from day to day this time of year. The weather this morning was pretty cold compared to the weekend. Maybe mid-30s this morning. A good wind out of the south, which would end up being nice as the tail end of the 10K was in a northerly direction. Enough about the weather, as it doesn’t make the story more interesting.
I guess a few other things to say before I get started with the one interesting thing that happened during the run.

  • Thing 1: The DC Cherry Blossom Festival is going on right now. Like so many things, it brings an invasion of camera-wielding, slow driving tourists to the National Parks and monuments in DC, and preceding them, an influx of portable toilets. This is quite important.
  • Thing B: I was craving Chipotle Tuesday night. However, I know that Chipotle kind of leaves my stomach… well, leaves it in unpleasant ways. So instead I made some pasta with chicken and a dessert of Frosted Flakes. Dry frosted flakes. For while I don’t think milk does much to me, I don’t trust it.

If you haven’t quite figured out what’s coming yet, then I have been wielding the foreshadowing bat very poorly. In any case, I did lap one of 2, and though I felt pretty good (6:40 pace), I knew that my stomach was not right. Made it to mile 4, and I was beginning to slow as all of the blood rushed from my legs, my heart and my brain towards my stomach, intestines, and associated organs. Peripheral vision was a no go at this point, as all brain power was focused on finding a toilet with my eyes and/or nose, and praying that the Parks service had unlocked it already. I got to the point where I could no longer run, and stopped my watch at a landmark that I would return to. I did my business, and walked back to the landmark, and finished the last 2.25 miles of my 10K at much the same pace that I had been running for the whole thing.

You may say that I cheated the test by resting for a couple of minutes after 4 miles. Let me tell you, I would much rather have NOT needed any rest during the run and just continued on, and that I do not consider what I went through a rest. Furthermore, I know that the aforementioned episode slowed me significantly in the 4th mile. I’m happy with the effort I put in to the run and the outcome – I could have easily thrown in the towel (and the thought did cross my mind) and just jogged it back to the car, but there’s only so much letting yourself down you can do before you just get sick of it.

Finally, I have no idea what’s causing my stomach issues. This is not the first episode. It doesn’t matter whether I clear my system beforehand, time of day appears to have effect… it may be related to what I eat, but diagnosing exactly what food causes it is difficult, as it is not a regular (ha!) occurrence.

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