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How I’m Spending My Vacation

I’m taking a month off from training. After training pretty much nonstop from April 06 to last weekend’s race, I could kind of use the break. My body actually made it pretty clear this past week: I’ve gotten sicker than I ever was leading up to IMAZ, and sicker than I had been since. Basically muddling through the work week (and given the markets, I should not have been muddling, but c’est la vie). I wonder if it played a part in the blow up on the run (which, to be fair, was not unexpected and is still probably unrelated) given that I’ve been entirely congested this week, and that would explain the not being able to breathe…

Anyhow, the plans for vacation. I was, until tonight, doing much better at going to sleep at a normal hour (like, before 1 am). I’m going to be sending in my rear wheel for repairs. I’m heading up to Princeton to try and recruit more people in to work for us. One of my best friends is coming back to the country for a short bit, and I’m meeting him and his wife for a few days. I’m going to see Ben Folds this week. I’m gonna try to go to the NRA gun range next weekend, because I think it’s pretty hilarious that there’s a gun range in the headquarters. I’m going to travel a bit and see more of the city because I feel like there’s a ton to be explored. I’ll teach myself to cook some more decently healthy foods and eat some unhealthy food. And then, in 3 weeks, I’ll be good to go – ready to start getting faster and learn how to climb like a mountain goat.

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