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Day Two: ouch

Yeah so I got out and was able to get a run in right before it got dark:

Felt much better today during the run, the whole exercising afterwards sucked. Listening to a little Tenacious D helps though. (To the Wendy’s pick-up window, “Put two of them up your ass, I want just a 4 nugget thing, I’m trying to watch my figure, trying to loose the weight.”) I was able to hold my pace the entire run, 13:04 out 13:07 back which is a good sign. Probably going to try and increase the mileage a bit more tomorrow, though it will be much different doing this exercise thing pre-work. As far as the other stuff, I did a circuit of 15 to warm up, then a bunch of random exercises as I thought of them. I’m going to try and map out an actual workout plan so that I can hold myself accountable on this stuff. We’ll see how that goes. I really need a pull-up bar.

All right man, talk to you later, time for a shower.
Added: So had this idea. The name of this log is Lebanon to DC, do you think it makes sense to sum the total number of miles we run, see when we meet the mileage between DC and Beirut? Or how many times we can cover that distance.

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