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This Google Pedometer thing must not like me

So just completed my first run for this training log.  And I was able to map it on the satelite image.  I ran 20 minutes straight out. I was hoping that I was going somewhere around 7:30 pace.  But this was my second time out, first day in two weeks, where I’ve actually done anything other than sit in a chair at the office…So yeah, google says I didn’t get very close to a 7:30 pace. And as amused as I am that I can actually use the pedometer function, it’s completely disheartening to read the low number in the milage box.  I think I’m going to switch to the metric system during these first few weeks.  Anyway, the route is here: I’ve also done 4 circuits of 20 today.  (A circuit is a throw back to my high school track days, it consists of 20 push-ups, 20 seated rows, 20 squat thrusts, 15 leaps, with 15 jumping jacks at the beginning and in between each exercise.)

By the way, starting to train is awful. 

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