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This will pale in comparison to everyone rocking LP. But I figured I’d report on NYC Tri, and how I totally buggered the entire week. I will keep count of the comedy (of errors?). Pictures so that you don’t have to wade through the rest of this… here

I wasn’t really sure I would finish IMAZ in April, so I didn’t plan any long course races after April. Just short little fun ones. Then, I blew that plan out of the water by doing the Total 200 last week (CoE #1). Check that, the Total 182.5. Turns out that the two flats were caused by a severely cut tire that could no longer support any tubes (#2).

Plan was to leave DC on Saturday morning, get to DC, chill with my sister and brother and then race on Sunday. Friday, I put on my wheelcover, but couldn’t pump up the new tube in the new tire. Turns out my floor pump decided to bite the dust after 7 years (#3). Inflate the tire with some CO2, do a small test ride, and pack my gear in the car. While showering, I notice that my big toenail on my left foot has decided that now seems like a great time to fall off (#4).

Wake up at 6:30 AM Saturday morning to start the drive, and it’s uneventful. Breakfast of champions is Sour Patch Kids and a liter of Diet Coke (#5). Get to NYC, have brunch with my sister at Frank’s on the LES (incredible French Toast and fresh squeezed OJ). Do the whole registration thing. Go back to sis’s apartment, meet my brother, and we drive over to the UWS to drop off the bike and park the car near the race site. I drop off the bike, set up my transition, and decide I don’t want to leave my PT computer just sitting on my bike, so I put it in my backpack, which I then put in my car. Head back to Union Square for dinner and Dark Knight (which was f’in fantastic). Get home around midnight, and as I’m packing my bag with the rest of my stuff for the next day, I can’t find my BodyGlide. I know I had it out when I was packing Friday, so where the eff is it? (#6). And WTF did I do with my PT computer? Did I put in my bag in my car? Maybe the BodyGlide is in the bag too… (#7). Start devising alternative plans (someplace in the city has to have PAM). Fall asleep around 1:30.

Race morning: Wake up at 4:15. Have a clif bar, and catch a taxi up to the UWS and my car. Look in the bag – both my PT comp and the Body Glide are there. I take my wallet out, take my phone out of my pocket and I put my phone and something else under the front seat. Head down to transition, finish the setup, get marked. Where the eff is my body glide? And why is my wallet in my gear bag?! (#8). Head back up the hill to my car, grab the body glide out from under the front seat (#9), grab a gatorade, and head down to the swim start. Have half a clif bar probably 30 mins before the start. Looking in the water, there are a lot of jellyfish. Big ugly jellyfish with no tentacles. We get on teh dock, horn goes off, and we’re off. The Hudson doesn’t taste so bad, but there was not a lot of current at this point. Got stung by a jelly across my face probably about 1/2 way in, but other than that, an uneventful swim. Not a lot of great sighting here, as there were no large buoys and nothing really to mark against in terms of landmarks, but I don’t think I zagged too much. oh yeah, I also vomited in my mouth (before the jelly)… i think this was a precursor to the stomach/rib unpleasantness that continued on… but i will say that Cool Mint clif bars are tasty in both directions!

Swim: 22:51
t1: uneventful. 4:07. jelly sting has gone away.

bike: god, I buggered my day with this i think. tried at first to pedal a steady 225W, but my ego and idiotic lack of respect for short course pacing did me in. Matt G, I’m sorry. I know we talked about this, and yeah, I f’ed up. Anyhow, I’ve driven the West Side Highway/Henry Hudson Parkway dozens of times, but I never remembered it being so hilly. Spent just about all of my time in aero except for one climb on the way back in. But I was stupid stupid stupid on the watts (the 516 was on a short climb of maybe 50 feet out of transition up to the highway).

Bike deets (1:12:32 Official time):
Entire workout (180 watts):
Duration: 1:13:11
Work: 787 kJ
TSS: 84.8 (intensity factor 0.835)
Norm Power: 209
VI: 1.16
Pw:HR: n/a
Pa:HR: n/a
Distance: 25.627 mi
Min Max Avg
Power: 0 516 180 watts
Cadence: 29 174 82 rpm
Speed: 2.5 41.4 21.1 mph
Pace 1:27 24:08 2:51 min/mi
Hub Torque: 0 368 64 lb-in
Crank Torque: 0 938 189 lb-in

T2: 2:01. A NYTimes reporter stopped me to ask if I had seen large crowds at the medical tents. I said no. I shoulda asked for her number, at least to make the delay worth it

Run: Plan was to treat this like a mini IM run. Slow for the first mile or so, then pick it up. I was NOT feeling well. I had significant pain in both ribcages (not cramps, just pain) from probably mile 0.5 onward. I tried running unzipped and zipped, but just couldn’t get comfortable. At this point, it was in the mid 80s with mid 70% humidity at least, and I just wanted to be done. Spent a lot of time looking at my watch, passing other people who were just walking, and looking at some of the beautiful people in NYC. Around mile 5.5, the volunteers started shouting, this is the last hill, just right around the corner. It was not the last hill, nor was it right around the corner. LIARS! But they were great volunteers. Past my family one last time and into the chute. A crappy run of 51:15. A crappy run set up by a stupid bike.

Run stats (official time: 51:15):
Lap #1 (Multisport):
Duration: 7:51
Work: n/a
rTSS: 14.3 (1.024)
NGP: 7:00 (229.9 m/min)
VI: n/a
Pw:HR: n/a
Pa:HR: -7.8%
Distance: 1 mi
Elevation Gain: 91 ft
Elevation Loss: 12 ft
Grade: 1.5 % (79 ft)
Min Max Avg
Heart Rate: 158 171 166 bpm
Speed: 3:25 74:17 7:51 min/mi
Altitude: 4 90 61 ft

Lap #2 (Multisport):
Duration: 8:31
Work: n/a
rTSS: 11.7 (0.883)
NGP: 8:07 (198.2 m/min)
VI: n/a
Pw:HR: n/a
Pa:HR: 6.21%
Distance: 1 mi
Elevation Gain: 106 ft
Elevation Loss: 75 ft
Grade: 0.6 % (31 ft)
Min Max Avg
Heart Rate: 156 168 163 bpm
Speed: 5:43 12:13 8:33 min/mi
Altitude: 57 122 89 ft

Lap #3 (Multisport):
Duration: 8:17
Work: n/a
rTSS: 10.8 (0.862)
NGP: 8:19 (193.4 m/min)
VI: n/a
Pw:HR: n/a
Pa:HR: 0.93%
Distance: 1 mi
Elevation Gain: 51 ft
Elevation Loss: 72 ft
Grade: -0.4 % (-22 ft)
Min Max Avg
Heart Rate: 159 171 164 bpm
Speed: 6:11 12:32 8:19 min/mi
Altitude: 52 120 95 ft

Lap #4 (Multisport):
Duration: 8:15
Work: n/a
rTSS: 11 (0.87)
NGP: 8:15 (195.3 m/min)
VI: n/a
Pw:HR: n/a
Pa:HR: 6.36%
Distance: 1.002 mi
Elevation Gain: 86 ft
Elevation Loss: 107 ft
Grade: -0.4 % (-21 ft)
Min Max Avg
Heart Rate: 156 172 165 bpm
Speed: 6:04 12:13 8:15 min/mi
Altitude: 19 111 60 ft

Lap #5 (Multisport):
Duration: 8:32
Work: n/a
rTSS: 11.3 (0.867)
NGP: 8:16 (194.5 m/min)
VI: n/a
Pw:HR: n/a
Pa:HR: -2.64%
Distance: 1 mi
Elevation Gain: 62 ft
Elevation Loss: 36 ft
Grade: 0.5 % (26 ft)
Min Max Avg
Heart Rate: 164 171 168 bpm
Speed: 6:42 10:04 8:33 min/mi
Altitude: 75 116 96 ft

Lap #6 (Multisport):
Duration: 8:08
Work: n/a
rTSS: 11 (0.876)
NGP: 8:11 (196.7 m/min)
VI: n/a
Pw:HR: n/a
Pa:HR: -0.96%
Distance: 1 mi
Elevation Gain: 85 ft
Elevation Loss: 123 ft
Grade: -0.7 % (-38 ft)
Min Max Avg
Heart Rate: 163 174 168 bpm
Speed: 6:11 12:04 8:07 min/mi
Altitude: 49 110 80 ft

Lap #7 (Multisport):
Duration: 1:14
Work: n/a
rTSS: 1.9 (0.948)
NGP: 7:34 (212.7 m/min)
VI: n/a
Pw:HR: n/a
Pa:HR: 4.72%
Distance: 832 ft
Elevation Gain: 10 ft
Elevation Loss: 5 ft
Grade: 0.6 % (5 ft)
Min Max Avg
Heart Rate: 171 175 173 bpm
Speed: 7:06 9:51 7:59 min/mi
Altitude: 59 68 64 ft

Forerunner305 [Multisport]:
Duration: 50:48
Work: n/a
rTSS: 74.6 (0.895)
NGP: 8:01 (200.8 m/min)
VI: n/a
Pw:HR: n/a
Pa:HR: 1.47%
Distance: 6.159 mi
Elevation Gain: 491 ft
Elevation Loss: 430 ft
Grade: 0.2 % (61 ft)
Min Max Avg
Heart Rate: 156 175 166 bpm
Speed: 3:25 74:17 8:15 min/mi
Altitude: 4 122 80 ft

Anyhow… that’s the last time I take a short course for granted. #9 CoE points before the race even started. I physically felt worse after this than I did after IMAZ. But I guess when you rack up 500 TSS on 9:20 in the saddle in one ride a weekend before a race, you deserve to get hit with the stupid stick.

Total time: 2:32:45. 39/289 AG.

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