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Dad: I am amazed that you had so little actual trouble, I know that you had struggle with the bike, but really 11+ hours is incredible in that heat

Jordan Vance: yeah
Jordan Vance: have to leave space to do better
Jordan Vance: but thanks
Jordan Vance: i was thinking about it today
Dad: do you think that it was the coaching? you actually had some real training challenges especially the cool weather
Jordan Vance: and it’s so easy to go back and revise the way i was thinking
Jordan Vance: yeah, a lot of it was the coaching
Jordan Vance: i.e. not killing it on the bike
Dad: mental or physical
Jordan Vance: mental can’t be taught
Jordan Vance: but i think race planning can be
Dad: I disagree, you can teach approach and attitude
Jordan Vance: but you can’t teach someone to concentrate for 10-17 hours
Dad: I guess saying the same thing
Jordan Vance: and force them to ignore it
Jordan Vance: it being pain
Jordan Vance: i mean, there’s a mental strength that i think you either have or you don’t
Dad: I guess I mean to understand the process and not panic is all mental
Jordan Vance: oh
Dad: at least to reinforce what you have in you
Jordan Vance: yeah
Dad: i would like you to think back on how you would have approached it without a coach? Even just believing in what htey were saying.
Jordan Vance: i would have been screwed trying to do this myself
Jordan Vance: i would have undertrained or overtrained
Jordan Vance: i would have blown up on the bike
Dad: I could even understand it better if you were a multi marathoner or a half tri guey
Jordan Vance: going all out for 5.5 hours
Dad: that is what is interesting to me, you seemed so confident
Dad: you had a plan
Jordan Vance: well, i was going to finish come hell or high water
Jordan Vance: i guess hell came
Jordan Vance: but not the high water
Dad: and not to get too into it, when you faced some problems, say in the bike when it was uphill and windy, you had a plan to overcome it with a long term viw
Dad: that is what I am so interested in , did hell come? mentally?
Jordan Vance: not that i know of
Jordan Vance: i never thought that i wouldn’t be able to finish
Dad: what about physically?
Jordan Vance: not really
Jordan Vance: i was worried about my right foot
Jordan Vance: but that didn’t materialize
Dad: that is the really astounding thing
Jordan Vance: and i was always dialing back my effort (until the last mile or so)
Dad: How could you start that trek and think you were going to finish based on what you had done to prepare???
Jordan Vance: i mean, my miles dropped from 8:20 to 9:20 in one mile because i was trying to dial it back
Jordan Vance: i don’t quite understand the question
Dad: I know that you had worked hard, but you came to T with a sort of confidence that I don’t think that i had based on what you had done to prepare
Dad: and you had done a lot to prepare, but what is enough???
Jordan Vance: i had trust in my coaches
Jordan Vance: to know that what i had done was enough
Dad: that was my point.
Jordan Vance: and that i had a good plan
Jordan Vance: and that gave me the confidence
Dad: that is my poiint too
Dad: you really did not waste energy on worry!!!
Jordan Vance: i didn’t need to! i wouldn’t have finished if i wasted any energy on worry
Jordan Vance: my biggest worry pre-race is that i wouldn’t wake up in time!
Jordan Vance: is should be was
Dad: I have one more sort of question that I want to ask and then I will let you go. Did you enjoy the effort?
Jordan Vance: it’s the most alive/happiest i’ve been.
Jordan Vance: i’ve been trying to quantify/qualify it in terms of other things i’ve done
Dad: while you did it?
Jordan Vance: it’s the first race i’ve done where i didn’t question why i was doing it
Dad: Jordy, it was 11 hours. Did you enjoy it?
Jordan Vance: yeah
Dad: that in itself in pretty amazing. I have to think that it is mindset
Jordan Vance: i won’t say it was the best 11 hours i’ve ever spent, but the feeling afterwards was the best feeling i’ve ever had
Dad: now we arr gettting to what I was asking. What was going through you mind? Were you afraid of “failing’ or were you confident???
Jordan Vance: it’s the first thing in a while I’ve gotten into (back last year) where I had no idea whether I could finish
Dad: great answer. I sort of thought that was the case and was afraid to verbalize it. What a challenge???!!!!
Jordan Vance: but not finishing come raceday was never going to be something that I decided. the only way i wasn’t going to finish is if my body decided that it couldn’t go on.
Dad: The follow on is “how would you have felt if your body told you that’???
Jordan Vance: well… it depends on what the reason was;
Jordan Vance: if my body had decided that the distance was just too far…
Jordan Vance: that’d be disappointing as hell
Jordan Vance: because that probably means i could never finish it
Jordan Vance: if the heat had taken it’s toll, or if my foot or hip had been screwed up
Dad: I think that I understand. I have always been involved in competitive sports, not endurance so much. You set a challenge and try to overcome it. I think that you sell youself too short
Jordan Vance: i would have been disappointed, but i’d have known that i could finish at some point
Jordan Vance: and it’s hard to tell
Jordan Vance: because i did finish
Dad: I get that
Jordan Vance: i tried to think of how it would feel
Jordan Vance: but i couldn’t figure out what i would be like
Jordan Vance: i’d probably try to rationalize
Dad: there is a kind of fear of failing, but your spirit was so high!!!
Dad: I really find it hard to grasp your drive
Jordan Vance: well… part of it was the lack of any previous follow through on a ton of things on my part
Dad: you know, that is in your mind a bit, it is not lack of follow through as much as fear of failure/succeeding and the pressure that come from either
Jordan Vance: i suppose
Jordan Vance: i guess once i got started… i was going to finish
Dad: that is not something to be afraid of, it can manifest in fear of becoming a perfectionist
Dad: I think that the greatest thing was how proud you were of what you had accomplished. that is what mike and sam said, it is just so extreme to have done it and you sort of kjow that you can tackle other things wtih the same intensity
Jordan Vance: thanks

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