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An update

I started training again a month ago (2 months after IMAZ). I don’t really know why. That’s a lie. I know why. I finished IMAZ, and yeah, I accomplished all my goals, but it wasn’t enough. I can do better. I can do a whole lot better. Anyhow, I’ve taken my training to a higher level I suppose. My legs haven’t felt this shelled since I started training… holy shit, more than a year ago. I’m a bit slower running right now, and perhaps a bit slower on the bike. But in the end, I’ll be faster than I was.
Anyhow, I’m doing the Total 200 this weekend and the NY Triathlon the weekend after. I should have some interesting data to show afterwards.
Perhaps the weirdest thing now is setting goals within events given the overriding goals of my training (be able to push more Watts, be able to run faster longer). In any case, it’s weird trying to decide whether a race is worth going all out in or whether i should throw in some training elements (intervals, etc.).

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