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I’ve got my first real injury of the past three years of training. My left knee has been achy/sore and painful when running the past two weeks, so I’ve been taking things very easy. My guess is that I changed my gait to compensate for the bruise on my right foot’s big toe, and in so either twisted my knee or aggravated my ITB or something. It’s a bit of a weird situation – my mind says push harder, but I know that isn’t really helpful. Injury isn’t something you can take a giant hammer to. It’s a sign to take a bit of time to ease up on the running a little until I’m better.

Other things that have been bugging me: Before Eagleman (and before the TT before that), my legs just felt heavy and deadish. Just no power underneath, especially on the bike. Don’t know if it’s the heat or improper nutrition or what. Same thing happened this weekend doing hill repeats (3.8 miles at 6.5%). Felt like puking on the second one, so I bagged it after that. I’d show the data, but Garmin’s Edge 500 is a piece of shit and keeps eating my workouts (first Eagleman, and now the climbing repeats. Sent a pissed off email to Garmin. We’ll see what kind of lame response (“Please read the owner’s manual,” “We’re aware of this problem and working on a fix”, “We’ll look into it”) they send.

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