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Did the Dextro Energy – Washington DC triathlon on June 21. At the end of the day, I felt pretty good about the event. Yeah, if you look at my time, you might be wondering why, but here goes (skipping packet pickup because that’s the same pretty much everywhere: listen to a presentation, get your packet, find your goody bag).

Was going to try and get a swim in on Saturday, but there had been lightning strikes/thunderstorms in the area in the morning (around the time I was in packet pickup at 11 AM). Then it got windier than I’ve seen it at Hains Point/the Memorials/Tidal Basin/etc. So windy, in fact, that the buoys got wrenched from their moorings and started going downstream towards Reagan on 2 foot swells. Needless to say, the practice swim was cancelled. So I got in a quick warmup run back to my car and rode my bike around Hains Point. A good experience with the wheelcover on. Handling was good so I’ll be keeping it on for Canada. Checked in my bike and got a relatively good night’s sleep. It would be an early morning.

Woke up at 3:45, hit snooze and slept til 4. With the race starting at 6am and being a short ride across the river, I had some leeway. Got to transition, and finished setting up my T-area. I had come prepared this time to battle issues I’ve had previously – a long drifit shirt that i could get wet for my run (to keep me cool) and a water bottle to carry on the run (to prevent me from not hydrating on the run). The bike setup has been pretty solid, so I’m continuing with it as it has been – for oly it’s just one bottle of 2-scoop infinit on the downtube, the powertap computer, and a bento box with tire levers, a CO2 inflator and a spare tube. Got my wetsuit half on and then found out the race would be delayed 10-15 minutes.

The swim was, as it has been of late, utter shit for me. Or rather, just wholly slow and incredibly unenjoyable with miserable sighting. Definitely need to do some open water practice, but at this rate I may finish the IM Canada swim sometime August 31. Got punched twice in the face, but other than that never really got into any trouble. Time: 26:57

T1: I don’t really remember anything about this. Need to figure out flying mounts. 2:12

The bike. Oh, the bike. How I love my bike and to ride it. I was in the zone. Started out nice and easy for about the first 5 minutes and then started trying to peg it at 230W. Succeeded at that. There was a group of three riders that I ended up in who were riding at about the same pace. We made some jokes about how hard it was to NOT draft – a two lane road with two directions of traffic going two or three wide is not really conducive to going so fast and/or not drafting. I ended up getting blocked in by a sprint triathlete coming up to one of the turns in the road. Started yelling at him to stop coasting so I could get out from behind slower athletes (dude had his name on his tri-suit so I think he kind of knew what he was doing, or at least what he should be doing). Anyhow, my second lap was going a whole lot faster than the first lap (0.1mph = whole lot) as I was coming in towards transition. With less than a mile to go, disaster struck. We were coming down off of the Whitehurst freeway when I hit a gash in the road between two lanes. Heard a whap hiss whap hiss whap hiss and knew it was bad news. The two people behind me as I slowed down to check it out confirmed it: “You’ve got a flat.”

There’s a first time for everything, and Sunday was a first for replacing a tube with the wheelcover on. Took a bit of thought to figure out how to lever the tire off without anything to latch the levers onto, but I figured it out. Got the new tube in* and inflated it. I was putting the wheel back on the bike when said tube exploded. I can summarize the thoughts that went through my head as such: “Aw shit.”
*Obviously, did not get the tube all the way in.

At this point, I decided there were two things I could do. I could feel sorry for myself, quit and throw in the towel on an otherwise good day. I’d have to walk my bike to transition anyhow. Or I could run my bike into transition and keep it going. I wasn’t going to place, but I could have a decent showing. Either way, I’d have to get back to transition. I chose to get there faster.

Bike time: 1:12:35 (time on bike: 1:01:28)

Entire workout (222 watts):
	Duration:  	1:01:33 (1:01:35)
	Work:      	818 kJ
	TSS:       	81.9 (intensity factor 0.895)
	Norm Power:	229
	VI:        	1.03
	Pw:HR:      	n/a
	Pa:HR:      	n/a
	Distance:  	24.069 mi
		        Min	Max	Avg
	Power:       	0	552	222 	watts
	Cadence:     	37	152	89 	rpm
	Speed:       	2.7	33.7	23.5 	mph
	Pace           	1:47	22:27	2:33 	min/mi
	Hub Torque:  	0	273	64 	lb-in
	Crank Torque:	0	796	215 	lb-in

T2: I made a lot of jokes with the volunteers as I came running barefoot (well, socked) into transition that I had had trouble finding the dismount point so I had dismounted too early. They seemed to have a good chuckle at that. I was also buoyed by all the other competitors urging me on as I ran .75 miles into T2, bike in one hand, shoes in the other. Time: 1:12

The run was pretty much as laid back and uneventful as could be. Broke the rule and wore relatively new shoes (green racing flats). I knew I was out of the race (position-wise) after the super-mechanical. I had a plan going into to just try and run 7 minute miles to start and then try to pick up the pace as I got through mile 3. I was giving compliments to everyone I came upon, cheering on the spectators and felt relaxed. Ended up running shoulder to shoulder with a woman in a Saucony suit on. We did a good job of pushing each other over the bulk of the race. Around mile 5.5 I was feeling a bit of discomfort (I don’t think it was anything serious Mom, just some near-vomit. Glad you asked?). I checked my pace a bit, walked a few steps and then picked it back up. Still felt a bit weird, so I burped, felt better, and then picked it up again. Time: 43:45 (7:02 pace, 10 seconds off of threshold pace, 2 mins slower than my last open 10K).

Total time: 2:26:30. 13/32 AG, 96/268 Men’s Race. I’ll take that with a 9 minute (or so) mechanical. It was a really strong field, and I’m happy with my race. It was good to get a good one in before IM Canada this year. Now it’s on to long distance training. I’m psyched for it (except the swim).

Raceday pics are here. Yes, I have a really high, awkward hand carriage during the run, but it feels comfortable to me that way and dropping them feels really weird.

This race report brought to you by Major League, candy corn, orange soda and Blue Moon.

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