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I’m pretty sure they saw me

So today I decided to try and do a loop back to where I’m staying.

I couldn’t find my watch so I’m not sure on the time, but I’d like to point out something on the map. so towards the end of the run, you’ll notice that I was running on a fairly large highway.  That is actually a bridge. To the left, as I was running you’ll see a whole lot of empty parking lots, behind them you’ll see some buildings which make up the administrative center for the Government of Lebanon.  What is missing in this picture are all of the tents that have been errected for the standing protests.  There are probably between 200-400 tents, there’s a lot under the bridge.  Anyway, the folks protesting include the following political parties: Amal, The Free Patriotic Movement, The Syrian Party and Hez.  They are in favor of a national unity government and the elimination of western influence over Lebanese policy.  So, as the title of this post suggests…I think they might have seen me.

Now that’s what I call dedication.  And how sweet would it be to have a story that went something like, “So I was training for this Ironman in Beirut, when I got kidnapped…” Chicks have got to dig that.

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