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Great expectations

Short version: Best race I’ve had yet, despite an awful swim.


For reasons you’ll soon understand, I was not super excited about this race. Part of it is the normal pre-race/pre-travel jitters that I get (will my bike fit in the rental, will my hotel be decent, should i really be racing twice in two weeks). I’d waited until the week of the race to book my hotel room (at the La Quinta downtown in New Orleans, which ends up being a really nice hotel).

Packing the bike is typically not a big deal. Typically. I should have remembered how difficult it was to take off the pedals before IMC, because lo and behold, I couldn’t get the pedals off my bike again. They’d been wrenched on so hard that it took standing on the allen wrench with the bike upside down to get the threads moving. Time to figure that out? About an hour. Aside from that, packing was pretty uneventful.

Getting to and from BWI is a pain in the ass. It’s ~50 miles from NoVA, and at the right time of day is a 45 minute drive. 2:30PM on a Friday is not the right time of day, ever. I had figured it might take an hour and a half to get to the airport leaving me two hours to grab a decent meal and just in general have a calm day of travel. HAHAHAHAHA. What’s that they say about the best laid plans? That they’re typically shit when it comes to acting on them? Right. The drive ended up taking 2 hours and twenty minutes, and since I’d ended up leaving 15 minutes late, this meant I had about an hour to park, check the bike, get through security and maybe get some gummi candy (candy du jour lately has been sour patch kids), which are infinity times better when they are soft then when they have been sitting out for a while.
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