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Bar-end shifters go kablooey?

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The south side of chicago is the baddest part of town

One thing that my coach has impressed upon me is that there is no such thing as a good bike ride followed by a bad run. Meaning that if you have a bad run, you probably tried to go too fast on the bike. I did that in NY.

I had signed up for Chicago a while ago, without really thinking about the logistics of actually, you know, getting there. Flights are easy, but getting goldilocks there would not be as easy. But in my neverending desire to get better acquainted with my bike and to become more self-sufficient in maintaining her, I decided I would fly and pack disassemble goldilocks so that she could fly as well (it seems really weird to refer to a bike as a person, but well, it’s a very meaningful relationship she and I have). In doing so, I performed some maintenance on the rear derailleur (the part of the bike that sets which cog you are in). I hadn’t been able to shift into the smallest and largest cogs in the derailleur, meaning out of the 18 or 20 speeds (gears) I should have, I really only had 14 or 16. The rear derailleur is attached to the aero bars by a long cable, and as you move the gear levers, the cable stretches and cause the derailleur to shift the chain into an easier cog. The night I packed Goldilocks up, I adjusted the derailleur to make sure I could hit all the cogs.
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