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quick hit

Yes, I did run yesterday. Yes I will run today. But I’ve been quite busy at work, so I’ll post later.

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Mother, father, look at your little monster

I got nothing for you this weekend. Well, nothing training related, but quite a bit in the way of phlegm, headaches, and work (all not at all and, at the same time, completely related). Plus it was fucking freezing this weekend, and I’d never get healthy if I was running. So, no valid excuses except for being really sick. Running commences again tomorrow.

I am incomplete.

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Oops I crapped my pants

I didn’t really. I’ve been feeling horrible the past two weeks with an upset stomach, some dizziness, and finally today: sneezing, headaches and a runny nose. Anyhow, last night I needed to go out for a run despite the upset stomach issues and the fact it was 35 degrees outside. So I went and then turned around. And that’s when it hit. It’s happened a few times before. Usually, I can make it back to where I need to be, or get to a building where I can take the Browns to the Super Bowl. Not so last night. I made it pretty close, but in the end, I ran into the woods and left some presents for some little woodland creatures.

Not sure how much I’ll run this weekend given how sick I feel right now, but we’ll see what some sleep does.

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Weekly update

Here’s this week’s mileage numbers:

jvance: 29.6 for March 7-13, 48.9 for March through the 13th.
dbobrien: 23.1 for March 7-13, 27.9 for March through the 13th

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Waiting for the moon to come and light me up inside

A quick four mile run tonight followed by some lifting. Didn’t feel good tonight. Legs felt heavy and my feet are blistered and rather in pain. It’ll pass, but for now it’s unpleasant.

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Happiness is not a fish you can catch

So once again I had a really good run today. I was going to do the abbreviated version of yesterdays run where I stop at my apartment instead of continuing into the neighboring complex, but when I got to the bottom of the hill, my legs were feeling fresh enough to go back up and loop around the metro parking lot. So I did that. It was… incredibly refreshing actually. Then I went into the gym and did a quick lift, and finished everything around 1:30.

In a week, I’m going home to play in a golf tournament so it’ll be difficult to balance the training and golfing. But it should be doable. Much flatter than here anyhow.

Oh yeah, work this week should be rather hectic so it’ll be a good test of how well I can manage work and my life.

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Burn out

So today I wasn’t feeling so hot when I started the run, so I decided that I was just going to run hard for a bit and see how it went.  So anyway, I only did 3 but I did it in 23 minutes, in driving rain up the monster hill from the marina to the highway back home.  I tried sprinting up the hill, didn’t go so hot, I think my legs were about to give out half way up.  There’s a flat spot after you climb about 150-180 feet or so (estimated because you’re looking down on the 15 story building that is in front of the marina), and then another incline.  Anyway, I’m hoping for a bit of a better day tomorrow, we’ll see.

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You want to make me think that it’s alright…

So today was supposed to be a recovery day. But I started out well and just felt good for most of it so I extended the run a little bit. No soreness at all, just a bit of pain where the callouses are coming in on my feet. It’s amazing… the rest of life seems so… difficult right now. I sit at work chomping at the bit to go out for a run. I feel like the fire has gone out from under me. And I know I’ll get it back, but it’s just really difficult to be enthusiastic about it right now. The scary thing is I don’t know if I’ve convinced myself that I work way too hard or if I really feel this way. I mean, coming out of college, I kept saying I didn’t want to be a coder, when the fact of the matter is, looking back now, I think I would have really enjoyed that. But the options for coding at that point were pretty limited, so I kept telling myself that. I almost convinced myself I didn’t love programming, when the fact of the matter is I really enjoy doing it (even if I don’t do it all that often). Do I regret it? I don’t know. I don’t know if I’ll ever know if I regret that because there’s nothing I know I missed out on there. Can’t regret it if you don’t know what it would be like.

Anyhow… what I’m trying to say is, I’m really enjoying this. It’s giving me a purpose. Namely, kicking your ass Dan. In truth though, my hope is that I finish this without any injuries and without my pride swelling up too much. I’ll regret it if I chicken out or stop training. But if I finish… it’ll be the first big thing I ever said I was going to do and followed through on. And that’s saying something.

Good luck in the south tomorrow. Keep bringing them the hope.

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“We’re not gonna protest…”

So I obviously missed yesterday, and I do have a valid excuse.  There was a pretty major demonstration in the middle of the city, right around where all the friendly opposition coalition members are camped out in front of the capital buildings.  Get this, the demonstration was on March 11, which falls directly between March 8 and March 14.  March 8 is the day that there was a rather large pro Syrian demonstration in 2005, following the assassination of Hariri.  Then March 14th was the now famous Cedar Revolution, or at least the most visible demonstration during that time.  It was a month exactly after the assassination, and that’s when all the anti-Syrian folks took to the streets.  This year, a bunch of people decided to get together on March 11 to advocate as a group against anymore demonstrations that might lead to violence.  Yes, that’s right, they protested against further protests.  For those of you who have not yet seen PCU please do.

Anyway, here’s the route for today, just 4, tried to loop it again. Still a bad idea.

Going South tomorrow. Hopefully be back soon to tell you all about it. Peace.

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Life goes easy on me… most of the time

And so it is… Dan tries to one-up my five mile hill hell run yesterday with a 6.5 miler of his own. Well Dan, start sucking wind cause I went 7 today. And now I hurt. I really shouldn’t have gone so far, but if not for the weekends, I wouldn’t be able to do really long runs (well, not until DST, which started today). Anyhow, this run was killer and to be honest, I did walk a few short portions (mainly, the ends of a few steep uphills). No excuses, I should have run the full thing so I guess that makes me a bitch, and I should have properly hydrated and eaten (2 clif bars in 24 hours and 5 beers and a shot of Jaeger do not equal proper nutrition). But it was a great day and I felt completely used up afterwards, which is what I was going for. A cool new route, save for the lack of sidewalks on Wisconsin Ave north of the NNMC and south of my apartment.

Spent some time walking along the C&O canal with a friend from high school. We had a thing for a short while back in high school, but we kind of drifted apart in college and all. Needless to say, it was great to see her and to see how our lives have changed so much in the nearly 7 years since we’ve seen each other.

Oh, I’m going to post training plans tonight if I don’t get too drunk at dinner. Update: Dan, let me know what kind of running workout you want to do tomorrow. Seeing as it looks like you skipped Sunday wuss. I’ve got a book chock full of them, but for now I’ll put the one online per day that we’re trying to do. I’ll talk to you about it tomorrow.


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