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Two two two for my family

So that’s two in a row. Slightly longer run today following a very similar route (not sure that I agree with the profile of that at all, seeing as it was a round trip.). Was kinda cold cause the weather said it was 45 out, but neglected to tell me that the wind was blowing. So, yeah, not shorts weather.

Lifted legs and a bit of back today. Good times. Not sure how I’ll work tomorrow in, as it’s Guster. w00t.

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We both suck at training on our own, so we’re gonna try to do this where we give each other shit motivation and train across the Atlantic (and then some).

I guess I’ll start:

I ran 1.7 miles or so yesterday. Didn’t time myself. Damn glad I didn’t. Don’t know how I would have anyhow. Here’s the route:

I also lifted: bench press, flies, shoulder press, lat pulldowns and some other things I don’t know the names of.

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This is a training journal for Dan and myself. Dan’s in Lebanon doing something good for the world, I’m in the outskirts of DC making other people money. His only excuse for not training is “there’s a war about to start” and mine is “I’m incredibly lazy.” So really, neither of these excuses should hold water.

Anyhow, my goals? An Ironman by April of next year. A half-marathon by Thanksgiving, where I’ve actually maintained training. Shouldn’t be too difficult, I think. But then again, I’m incredibly lazyâ„¢.

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