Hey, you’re cute


Interesting story in the WSJ today about bugs in the software of airlines. We all complain about how buggy windows is, how buggy our phones are (cough cough VERIZON/MOTOROLA sneeze). Anyhow, there are certain things that should be software QA’d all the time. Airplanes being one of them. Cars, yeah, probably. Nuclear power. It’s not easy, but it leaves me a little queasy for the next time I get on a large plane (usually the ones that are fly-by-wire [the computer responds to inputs from the pilot and translates them into controls that the plane itself can actually handle. The plane is inherently unstable, and the computers help to keep the plane in balance]).

Oh, and the title refers to a little adventure I had Sunday thanks to Venus de Kilo making me wait on a street corner in NYC. Apparently, some older man thinks I’m cute. I just stared back, not really comprehending what he was saying. After a brief moment, I understood, and wished that VdK would hurry up and get there already.