Don’t ever look down

In the three and a half weeks (though it feels nowhere near as long) now that I’ve been at my new job, I’ve experienced a great deal of adversity. Normally, I crumble in the face of any challenge, perceived or real (as anyone close to me, in a moment of honesty, will tell you). But something over the past couple of months has steeled my resolve. I’ve started to work out again, confronted my own insecurities, tried to fight for what I want. It’s not easy, but that’s no reason to ever give up, at least not anymore. This is overly introspective, and rather vaugue, but it does, I think, feel somewhat good to get it down on paper, to put concrete thoughts behind words behind the nebulous idea. And I suppose that since I don’t post often anymore, few people other than Nina, Venus de Kilo, and TM will read this, so perhaps it will give the three of you some joy to see me maturing, and to appreciate what I have in each of you.

I was thinking “gag me with a spoon.” But that wouldn’t be the right response. Sure, it’s sappy and all, but it feels right. So deal.