The New Worker

I talk to my friend, we’ll call him Bernie, a couple of times a week. We’re both working at what we could call a pretty high level in our respective organizations. In college, we were part of what we call the All-Nighters Club. I feel like that prepared us for the working world: unlike other students who relied on extensions, we relied on will and the desire to get things completed on time no matter what the work involved. In college, work gets spread over a much longer time period; in our worlds now, there’s more work immediately, and getting it done quickly gets you noticed. I don’t know why we couldn’t do this in college; for me, I think in part it was due to the fact that there was very little involvement and room for advancement: people in the class weren’t really ranked and there wasn’t a whole lot of healthy competition. I still struggle with my performance in school, but I know that I have hit my stride in the professional world.