I’m watching Das Boot in the original German with English subtitles. So it’s a bit difficult to type and watch the movie at the same time, but I’ll do it. I got sick on Monday. I had actually been fatigued  all weekend but was not expecting to wake up feeling like shit on Monday. But I did. It’s taken 2.5 days to get over it, but I finally got a workout in tonight… swam 2400 meters. well, im not sure if it was meters or yards, but i think it’s meters. the weather is getting perfect for me – I love training in a bit of a chill.

i was thinking today about how difficult it is to maintain friendships – I thought friendships would become easier as I grew older, but the simple fact of the matter is that people’s worlds become more insular as they grow – more acquaintances perhaps, but the number of friends, good friends, i think grows smaller. i’ve got friends on the west coast, a friend in lebanon, and a ton of friends on the east coast who are busy at work or with their significant others. So it’s a little lonely, but we find other things to get ourselves through the day.

Oh, and the line from one or two times ago: “Condoms are like another kind of latex band-aids to me.” I couldn’t figure out a way to work it into a story, though I like the image.