I bet they’ve never heard that one before. Anyhow, it was a really good show. Really really good. So good, I wonder why I don’t go to concerts more often. I’m not going to talk about the opener cause I’ve nothing good to say about him. But Guster, whoa buddy. They were awesome. Last time I saw Guster, we trekked from Seattle to Vancouver to see them play. In front of 45 people. Maybe. This was a different experience. 1,000 fans packed into the 9:30 Club (I only say 1,000 cause I asked a bartender what capacity was, and that was his response. Your mileage may vary). It was almost 999 cause I had some problems trying to get rid of my ticket, but it all worked out in the end as a coworker of mine decided that he, like me, didn’t get out enough.

So the show: a little of the old stuff, a little of the new stuff, some disco ball, and of course, so cow bell. By far the most interesting encore I’ve ever seen, as they started the crowd off on Two Points for Honesty and then left the stage, only to come back after we had gotten through the first verse. They finished off with an an unplugged Jesus on the Radio, which I had seen once before (in Vancouver), but it’s a bit different when 1,000 people shut up and not just you and your group of 10 friends.

I’m spent. Physically, emotionally, and mentally. Which means it’s time for a shower and then bed, and then a new day tomorrow where it’s pretty much like today, only with two workouts instead of one.