I’m not big on resolutions, presumably because I’m not very good at following through on them. However, I’ve decided that I’ll add a new resolution each month, starting with two in January:

1. Read a chapter of a book every day/night. Currently this is Henderson the Rain King, for the pretty obvious reason. I’m a sucker for good lyrics.

2. Shave every day. I’ve never done this. I obviously could, and I probably should given the pace of my facial hair growth, but I typically don’t organize my day enough to fit this in.

Other things I would like to do this year, but will not resolve (yet) to do are to write more (either here or elsewhere), clean my room (and therefore make my life feel a bit more sound) more frequently, and to take far more chances (not with my life, but with how I live it… to step out of my cocoon so to speak). Those who know me well know that I like to stay where I am comfortable. It’s time to stretch those bounds. Go to more concerts, experience new things. Start forgetting that things in the past happened and stop letting them affect how I’m living today or tomorrow.  Stop apologizing for things I am honest about. Maybe I should keep my mouth shut, but then again, maybe I’m better off saying these things.

Also, on my list of things I want to accomplish (written nearly two or three years ago) in my lifetime back in May 2005. Among the short term goals: shave every day, read 20 pages every day. Among the long term goals: finish an Ironman Triathlon.

Here’s the full list:

Everyday things that I want to do:

* Run/exercise everyday
* Read 20 pages a day
* Write to one friend a day
* Shower
* Brush teeth twice a day
* Shave

Lifelong things:

* Raise great children
* Be a good husband
* Visit every populated continent by 30
* Play in a professional golf tournament
* Earn $1,000,000 in one year
* Become an expert in one thing
* Become a CEO of a company
* Learn one art form
* Run a marathon
* Finish an Ironman Triathalon


*Also, I want to go heliskiing before I turn 30. This is more probable than visiting every continent, but maybe I’ll go heliskiing in South America or something.