February 26th, 2006

There’s Hope!

During ABC’s broadcast of the WGC Accenture Match Play today, some of the announcers were questioning why the first group teed off so close to the final pairing. Mike Tirico, who will be in the MNF booth, said that it was partly the fault of ABC because spreading the two groups out would have made for a weird dynamic on television. So at least there’s a chance he’ll bring a touch of honesty to the MNF booth.

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Yale Still Sucks

The Real World meets The O.C.

The object of America’s affection, Iraq, is Marissa Cooper. For a while, Iraq was stable, at least on the surface. But once she was penetrated by America, everything exploded. Now Iraq is a complete whack job, making everyone and everything around her unstable. She feels that her mom, France, didn’t do enough to protect her. The only person who has been by her side this whole time is America, although he is fed up with her antics.

The whole thing is pretty funny.

via Sid.

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