Take one.

I was going to write about kidney transplants, but for some reason, I can’t really bring myself to write about it. Perhaps it’s a lack of confidence in my ability to speak clearly and make sense, or perhaps it’s just a lack of confidence in my ability to address the issue.

Anyhow, an open kidney market is a good idea, but it poses ethical questions. Will only rich people be able to afford kidneys? Will poor people be the only ones to donate? If people don’t have to buy replacement kidneys, who will pay for the kidneys in the first place?
At first, I thought having hospitals pay for kidneys was a good idea. After all, that makes it a completely closed transaction (within the hospital). But hospitals already claim to be pressed for money: how will they be able to pay people for their kidneys? And what happens if the hospitals in wealthy areas pay more for kidneys (so they can operate on richer patients), than those in the poor areas.

My next thought was to have  health care companies absord the cost. But this leaves out the uninsured. So that’s right out.

So anyhow, still thinking about it.